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Kids Voting Southeast PA

What is Kids Voting?
Kids Voting Southeast Pennsylvania is a grassroots nonpartisan organization working with local school districts in Bucks and eastern Montgomery counties and the community at large to enhance civics education. The mission of Kids Voting is three-fold—to teach our youth to be responsible and informed citizens; to provide a hands-on, realistic voting experience on Election Day; and to increase adult voter participation through a “trickle up” effect.


Below is Richard Coe on the cable show Comcast Local talking about Kids Voting.




Kids Voting has partnered with public and private/parochial schools in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, the Bucks and Montgomery County Board of Elections, the League of Women Voters, the Intelligencer and Bucks County Courier Times, and United Way of Bucks County.  In 2008, over 52,000 students “voted” for President as well as federal and state officials.

How it Works:
Before Election Day in the Classroom:  In Kids Voting, there is active participation in the classroom. The Kids Voting curriculum is grade specific and “hands-on.” It stimulates active creativity and develops information gathering and critical thinking skills in students.

Before Election Day in the Community:  Excitement for the political process is rediscovered among adults because of youth involvement. Kids Voting Southeast Pennsylvania raises funds, provides the curriculum, and prints ballots. Volunteers are recruited through our “Adopt A Precinct” program giving local schools, civic organizations, and businesses an opportunity to share the spirit at the polls.  Volunteers assist students on Election Day helping them through the voting process.

Election Day: Students in grade K-12 go to official polls with parents or guardians and cast their own ballots in their own Kids Voting polling booth on the same candidates and issues as the adults.  Upper level students have the option of voting in the classroom if their school district chooses that portion of the program.   The project not only builds youth involvement in democracy, but participating communities often see adult voter turnout increase by 3 to 8%.



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